House in Guinea Bissau

At the heart of Elamant is a passion.

A passion for service and a passion for people. That passion is what led us to create The Elamant Cares Foundation.

Our Why...

When we set out to build this resource, we wanted to focus on key areas where we could make a difference for our members, their families and communities. We created a plan to focus on areas such as education and health, because those are common challenges throughout the world. We also wanted to add in safety and community to our plan because it's important for us to cast as wide a net as possible when committing to provide support and resources.

Our process is simple, we allow members of the Elamant community to fill out requests for assistance. The request is screened and vetted and then decisions are made as to the type and level of support we can provide. We do not have any standards for support levels as each situation is unique and will be managed on its own merit.  



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